In a Yellow Tone is a student-produced comic novella. Registration is required to attend the event on August 8!

Premiered August 8, 2021, 3:30-5pm at Rainier Arts Center. Registration is closed. Event live-stream is published.

Own a copy today! Book store link here.
In a Yellow Tone is a student-produced comic novella created in honor of the Chinese, Japanese, and Filipino American Congressional Gold Medalists.  It tells the story of Cyman Wong and his classmate, Collette Chang, who discover an old trunk with letters, photographs, and mementos from the World War Two era while conducting research for a class assignment.  Reading the letters, Cyman and Collette come to understand how the Japanese invasion of Guangzhou, the internment of Japanese Americans, and the end of the War impacted Cyman’s great-uncle and great-grandfather, as well as Seattle’s Chinatown International District.  They also learn the joy of first love, the meaning of valor, and the importance of heritage.

IYT DREAM Committee
Edited by: Han Eckelberg, Johnny Do
Designed by: Maeson Dewey, Wen Eckelberg, Brooklyn Hose Caroline Natsuhara, Heidi Tandiono, Tommy Tran


0:00 - Doors open, initial setup, audience members receive comic book, totes, and other gifts.
28:08 - Premiere officially begins! Mak Fai Kung Fu Lion & Dragon Dance Assn. performance (no sound due to no active mics/audio recorders)
34:54 - Wen Eckelberg welcomes Annabel Garcia-Andresen to sing our theme song, In a Mellow Tone (stream audio started replying itself, audio quickly resolved)
38:31 - Caroline Natsuhara introduces Dr. Connie So, addressing the timeline of project
45:30 - Dr. Connie So introduces special guest, Bruce Harrel
48:29 - Caroline Natsuhara introduces Han Eckelberg, special thanks, book reading begins
51:18 - Act 1
54:46 - Act 2
55:32 - Act 3
57:24 - Han Eckelberg introduces Cecilia Xu to sing He Ri Jun Zai Lai (When Will You Return)
1:01:21 - Act 4
1:02:09 - Example of Heidi Tandiono's art process in preserving previously filmed clips
1:04:19 - Act 5
1:07:02 - Act 6
1:08:28 - Act 7 & 8
1:09:42 - Act 9
1:11:16 - Act 10 & 11
1:11:54 - Act 12 & 13
1:12:19 - Act 14 & 15
1:12:45 - Act 16, the final act
1:15:40 - INSERTS
1:17:33 - Act Covers & Letters
1:18:28 - Q&A
1:32:59 - Special Screening of IYT Outtakes
1:44:03 - Conclusion, Tommy Tran appears
1:45:44 - THE END, it's just us cleaning up, talking... Watch if you like LOL
Own a copy today! Book store link here.

Location change: Rainier Arts Center in Columbia City

There are honestly so many people to thank and recognize for IYT. Originally written as a film, students in AAS 380: Spring 2020 got to work in pre-production & filming scenes. Halfway through filming, COVID-19 & quarantine halted the entire project. After a year of communicating online with the Department of Neighborhoods & UW, we were able to transform the project into a graphic novel. The IYT Dream Committee then spent Winter 2020, Spring & Summer of 2021 to create this outstanding project, utilizing previously filmed scenes, and creating entirely new works of art. YALL, I CANNOT THANK EVERYONE ENOUGH, THE TEAM AND CLASSMATES FROM 2020-2021, FOR THEIR HELP WITH THIS PROJECT.

Please, everyone and anyone, come thru and receive a free copy of this book, an exclusive IYT tote bag, food and so much more on August 8, 2021. Spread the word, and register online!
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