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I am Han Edward So Eckelberg, born in Seattle of Chinese (Cantonese) and German descent, living in South Seattle’s Beacon Hill neighborhood. In the Asian enclave of Beacon Hill, I grew up surrounded by many people I called “aunts,” “uncles,” and “cousins.”  For three decades, my zip code was among the most diverse in the United States.  My neighborhood’s cultural diversity fostered my passion for the arts, advocacy for the community, and pride in my heritage.
I graduated from Cleveland STEM High School where I worked as a Video Director and Producer for my school’s award-winning journalism program.  At the University of Washington, I founded AπA Pictures (2019) and produced several docu-fiction films for the City of Seattle, and my artist page ECKELTECH Photomedia and Design (2013).  My video, design, and photography work has been published by the Seattle Times, Seattle City Light, Seattle Parks and Recreation, the International Examiner, Wing Luke Museum, various Starbucks stores, Nike, Klondike Museum, Mak Fai Kung Fu Lion & Dragon Dance Association, Southeast Asian American Education Coalition, and OCA Asian Pacific Advocates of Greater Seattle.  I aspire to express and share my philosophy and passion through every artistic piece/statement I make. 
I am currently attending Communication Leadership at the University of Washington, Master of Communication in Communities & Networks. I graduated from the University of Washington with degrees in Art (Photo/Media), American Ethnic Studies, and minors in Oceania and Pacific Islander Studies and Diversity.
I am greatly inspired by local artists, including MXT Visuals, Kcoyi, EddieJJen with Xuanda, and Blue Scholars.  I focus on visually exploring issues and topics relevant to the Asian American and Pacific Islander American experience, as well as issues of mobility and gentrification around South Seattle. I often incorporate my background in martial arts, music, and American Ethnic Studies to produce video-narratives, social commentary, critiques, and unity.  I represent my community, my heritage, my Ancestors; my home.
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Some see a dumpling, some see a smiley face, some even see the Space Needle. It is a Signature, a Seal, a Style inspired from the essence of the community.
Based in Soufend Seattle, ECKELTECH provides Photomedia & Design solutions.
ECKELTECH explores the multiple medium of arts with a mission to represent individuals and groups that share & appreciate similar values:

In photomedia, design, and even in life, it's all in our values,
"It's all in the technique."

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